Conventions with the museums of Gorizia


The Bed & Breakfast Flumen, like hotels and holiday cottages Gorizia, thanks to the municipality, can offer its guests free entrance to tourists for museums and cultural centers of the city. Remember one of the main Museum of the great war, that of fashion, the medieval Museum housed in the Castle course, Palazzo Coronini, synagogue, and many others.

Piazza Vittoria

Piazza Vittoria

The Piazza Grande ...

The suggestive via Rastello


With this possibility in addition to stroll through the streets of the old centre, completely, you will get requalified in Gorizia main museums without any charge.

Go to parks and ...


Since the 19th century Gorizia was famous for the richness of its gardens and lush green hills that surround it, much to deserve the title of "Garden City". Even today you can visit many of these green corners for instance strolling in the parks of Attems (now City Hall), Coronini-Cronberg, the public garden and others.

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