From the excursion, G.M. history to our days.



We propose a new naturalistic experience ', next to the known historical itineraries of World War I di Redipuglia, Polazzo, Colle di Sant Elia ', Monte you're Busi and Monte San Michele:
Monte Sabotino " Battleship " stone (609 meters above sea level).
Isolated for decades, military zone near the " " iron curtain that cut in half GORIZIA and its hills, was admired and cherished by our President in his recent visit to the capital of the Valley. With the help of our guide ' (C.A.I members.) visit trenches, caves and listen to the story of the war events that so deeply marked these places and history d ' Italy.
We chose for you one of the possible routes to the Summit of Sabotino:


FIX: easy-medium
Equipment: trekking shoes, torch.
Travel time 3:0.:
Elevation difference 470 m:.

The starting point for this route is located at the Church of San Mauro a laughing town on Via Castel San Mauro n. 1 (130 m) next to where you can enjoy a large parking lot. Let the cars take after some minutes of paved road, the old mule track, reworked by the military in 1914 extensions ' ports, which through the forests of the South side of m. SABOTINO Guide to the top (609 m). Always in close contact with the Slovenian border, taking his sweet bends gradually plunges us into a timeless atmosphere, in the silence of untouched nature (military zone until 1991) that recalls stories of fairies and goblins, enjoying glimpses of a breathtaking landscape. Wider hand that approaching the Summit, sudden, profound, indelible appear the rugged tracks of horror and devastation brought in this magnificent place from the G.M. as perennial warning history, invite reflection and prayer. Surrounded by the Julian prealps towers, sweeping away towards the Friuli plain eyes dipped in the Adriatic along the profile of ' Istria is the peace that had come to look for.

The participation fee is due exclusively to guide


L ' eremo di San Valentino


Museum exhibits of Sabotino


up to 10 27€ people:

per person over lunch.

over 11 19€ people:

per person over lunch

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