Hiking, history and ... wine ...
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Along with a tasting of the finest wines of Collio " " organize ' excursion areas tragically affected in the first world war. Our area was rich in events and changes that will be well illustrated with passion. Mauri sottocitata Guide.


4 glasses' wines in AZ. Choice Castel San Mauro from us
4 and gourmet tastings with local specialties
(cheese, honey, sausages, venison salami)


Departure fromCompany Castel San Mauro (loc. San Mauro .1 Gorizia)
50 ' walk up to the lookout of Monte Sabotino (. 609)
Visit trenches and caves I ^ G.M.con short historical description.
Packed lunches
Return to corporate Center

C. total time ca. h 3.00, trekking equipment and torch,
medium-easy path.

path 1-, NORTH along the shore: dell Isonzo undertakes the N side of Sabotino. height difference m. 510, well-defined path very acclive with short ferrata.Challenging.
path 2-, Solkan (Slovenia): Slovenia from nearby access to one of the paths from the South which lead directly to q. 545 of ' Hermitage of S.Valentino.Dislivello m. 490. average difficulty.
path 3-, South: from the road passing through the Collio in San Mauro Slovenian faces the South side of Sabotino with its typical Mediterranean vegetation until the Summit q. 609. m. Altitude 400. Media fix.
path 4-, San Mauro: the Church of San Mauro along the easier Trail South, through a mule of the G.M., leading to the crest of Sabotino from where you can proceed along the Crest Trail (5 route), enjoying a unique panoramic view ranging of all ' Adriatic Sea.

Remember that all paths always give your view on the river Isonzo

to specific request you can chooseasingle proposal.

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Our B & B in 1918! and Gorizia in the background.

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