Horse club


The STABLES at 500 mt from our Bed and Breakfast.

How many times have you dreamed of free Gallop into the sunset with a buddy really reliable? Here your dream become reality!
Come visit the stables and to speak with the " people of horses ", that will help you learn about these incredible animals. Competent instructors will follow step by step in learning ' rescues in a true Knight. .

The participation fee is due exclusively to instructors

Nature walks ...

… in the Park of Feather


Choice excursions in the Park of Feather

Our Center can offer the ' summer courses for children pony weekly from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 at a cost of 130 € per week. Lessons for children aged 14 years and adults at a cost of € 18 l ' hour lesson and walks from 1 to 3 hours but only for people who already have some experience. L ' exit for conditioning walk is the ability of ' that will be verified by would-be instructors.

hike three 50 hours:

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