A week's holiday tours at 360°: parts from Gorizia!

Una settimana di vacanze guidate

the B & B plus required! Only: 30 € per person for at least 6 nights!

Gorizia is located at the center of a vast area rich in historical and natural areas, city very interesting to visit. We propose an interesting tourist offer composed from well 6 nights at a very affordable price, with the opportunity to take a different route every day to discover the regions between the Friuli and nearby Slovenia; starting from Gorizia! With this logistics you definitely an unforgettable vacation!

Click on the six tourist routes that we propose to you to discover them:

I. thehistorical-naturalistic into total relaxation

II. Itinerary: to Trieste!

III. Route between the two ' Gorizie ' and the Collio
Gorizia-Nova Gorica-Solkan-Dobrovo (Castle) and San Floriano

IV. historical and archaeological Itinerary

V. Route in Friuli

Vi. Route on the karst
Postojna-Grotte di San Canzian-Lipiza-giant cave


6 Nights for 2 persons: 360 €

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